Why Choose Us?

Who May Attend?

BVA is open to any resident or non-resident student who wishes to be involved in a uniquely challenging educational environment that allows Freedom in when, what and how learning takes place.

BVA’s emphasis on Connections allows for students to interact with other students and some regular school activities.  To ensure high levels of success, Accountability will help students stay on track.


High School Students—Looking to Really Excel?
The Birchwood School District encourages students to take 18 college credits thru Youth Options while attending school.  BVA students will have the same opportunity thru the use of the Northern Lights Network, Wisconsin Virtual School (CESA 9), and other college options.

A college credit plan can be developed to meet the specific academic interests of students.


A World Class Education with a Small Town Feeling
BVA is modeled after one of the most successful virtual learning charter schools in the country, Achieve Online in Colorado Springs, CO.

Staff have visited this school which serves as a model for creating student success. To further allow for a personalized education, BVA will be limited to 50 students. For high school students, 28 credits are needed for graduation.


About Learning Materials & Technology . . . 
The Bobcat Virtual Academy is, “partnering with you to fuel personalized learning”, through a nationally recognized virtual learning provider - Fueleducation.

Other internet options will also be available if Fueleducation does not fully meet a student’s needs.

To find out about the Fueleducation materials go to:


Fueleducation academic offerings cover a wide variety of courses for all grade levels including its renowned Middlebury Interactive Languages curriculum that includes choices in Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Latin.

All instructional materials will be provided along with a laptop or tablet for student use.
Fueleducation offers over 500 courses and titles, making for excellent choices.

Accelerated options are available. So are options for a non-traditional school year to better meet the needs of families . . . Even year long learning!